Last minute waxing before a date, bubble bath with your bestie,

romantic texting in the toilets...

What happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom! 

Shower Sheer Socks Shower Sheer Socks 2

Shower Sheer Socks

Even if you can't hear it, this young lady is a middle of a intense karaoke in her shower! These sheer socks are perfect with sneakers and jeans... Or would make the ideal gift for your bff. The detail we love: the water drops on the clear part. Limited Edition woman sheer socks, One Size (Fits FR: 35 to 40 / US: 5 to 8). Care instructions: machine wash...

A4 Selfie Print - Risograph

Little duckface, careless attitude, subtle wiggle, discreet tiptoe... It's quite an art to take a good selfie for your target! The detail we love: the small picture on the cell's screen. Risograph print on 150g beautiful paper, 29,7 x 21 cm (A4).  Limited edition of 100, each numbered & signed by Coucou Suzette's creator Juliette Mallet. Printed in...

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