Hair pins

No more pens to hold your hair…

Here are some sticks for an outstanding do in no time!

We love the vintage tortoise shell look - you can wear them like true little hair jewels!

Hair pins

Eye Hair Stick - Big

A big acetate hair pin, the very first Coucou Suzette one! Very handy, takes no space in your purse, and perfect to do your hair in no time. It is ornamented with a beautiful turquoise eye, and its two tortoise-shell arms will make a perfect job holding your messy buns. A hair pin that will take care of you as a little lucky charm, chasing away all the...
Hair pins

Eye Hair Stick - Small

To all the people walking around with a pen, a pencil or a chopstick in their hair, here is a creation you should like! The very first hair pin of Coucou Suzette, super handy for no-brainer hairdos, you can do and undo as you wish (buns, partial ponytails…). Of course it is ornamented with a beautiful pearly turquoise iris, so you always keep an eye...