To start this new year, nothing better than some positive vibes!

Here is a collection in limited edition celebrating the lucky charms we love to take everywhere with us: a timeless Coucou Suzette hair claw eye with glitters, a cute pearly smiley, an iridescent rainbow and a maneki-neko Japanese cat. 

Hair claws

Star Hair Claw

A gorgeous golden star to make any of our hairstyles shine! We love this glitter hair claw adding some magic to our outfits. You can wear one or two at the same time for even more glitter in your life. And when you don’t wear them, feel free to clip them to your big scarf or the handle of your bag to upgrade your outfit! Each creation is unique, the color...

Finger Crossed Pin

You have an interview for your dream job? You finally have a date with Steeve tonight? You are passing your driving license? Fingers crossed, everything will be fine! This little pin will bring you luck wherever you go, and nothing makes us happier than to know Coucou Suzette is with you for every important moments of your life! Butterfly clutch Length of...
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Eye Mood Ring

Any 90’s kid probably had one: the mood ring! Mostly coming from these surprise ball machines we were obsessed about, we loved it for the hypnotic color changes full of meanings… Blue, green, purple or pink… This magic ring switches colors like we switch moods!Here it is now in a Coucou Suzette version: shaped as an eye, the symbol of the brand.A creative...
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Mini hair claws

Smiley Mini Hair Claw

The timeless smiley face, as a mini yellow hair claw with gold details! Perfect for vintage 90’s hairstyles, especially if you wear them by two on each side of your head. Rumor has it that they bring luck, feel free to let us know…Also available as a classic hair claw and hair clip. Each creation is unique, the color can slightly vary depending on the...
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Hair clips

Smiley Hair Clip

A nice creative hair clip with three vibing smiley faces! Thanks to the “crocodile” clip, you can use it to hold rebellious strands, pimp a basic bun or even your clothes. All you need for a lucky vintage outfit. Check out the hair claw and mini claw versions for a total look. Each creation is unique, the color can slightly vary depending on the piece of...
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Hair clips

Lucky Cat Hair Clip

A creative hair clip shaped as a maneki-neko, this adorable lucky cat coming straight from Japan. It makes our hearts melt with its bell collar, its happy face and its chunky paw in the air looking like a cute little wave. A pearly white hair accessory with pretty gold and red details, taking care of us all day long.Find out about the hair claw version....
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