Overview :

Every Coucou Suzette creation is made with passion and conceived in our Parisian workshop to make you smile, bring color and joy in your everyday life; by tying your hair with a pretty Mussel, by wearing your lucky Eye socks, by pinning a tanned booty on your jacket to have the perfect outfit and break the ice with your cute neighbor…

We love them all and do our best to make them perfect!

That’s why we choose the most eco-friendly and ethical manufacture and logistics.

Our values :

We sure want to grow as a company, but not at all costs.

We never throw anything away.

Sometimes mistakes are made, and when it happens (wrong colors, wrong sizing…) we still buy the production and sell it at a lower price or give it to organizations until the stock lasts.

We support causes we care about and make donations.

We collaborate with associations dedicated to animal welfare, such as S.P.A (one of the biggest French association for domestic animal protection) and Rewild (check out our tour in our IGTV), but also others dedicated to fight against breast cancer and child cancer with the french association “Une Nuit pour 2500 voix”, or racism, with S.O.S. Racisme.

Manufacturing :

Our cotton socks, embroidered jumpers, posters, stationery, packaging and puzzles are made in France. Clothing is made in Portugal, Belgium or Asia, depending on the designs. Our sheer socks, pins, boxes and hair claws are made in Asia, since we unfortunately don't have this skill in France anymore, and because the quality is just way better with our Asian manufacturer.

We favor French or European manufacturers, even if we have to lower our profit to keep an affordable price.

Our suppliers have been selected for their experience and the quality of their work, they contribute to make Coucou Suzette what it is today.

We cultivate a trustful and loyal relationship with each one of them.

Composition :

Our cotton socks are mainly made of Italian OEKO-TEX® certified cotton (72% / Polyamide: 27% / Elastane: 1%). Our baby socks are also made in France, in organic OEKO-TEX® cotton to give what’s best for your baby’s tiny feet (you can have a look at the production stages in our IGTV).

Our sheer socks are elastic and very resistant, made like tights (Polyester: 60% / Cotton: 39% / Elastane: 1%).

Our pins are made in brass and enamels. Our supplier is an associate member of the SEDEX organization, a collective platform offering a structure to develop ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable policy: the SMETA certification.

Our jewelry is covered with a 0.3 to 1 micron gold layer, and covered in clear lacquer so the gold lasts longer.

Our hair claws, boxes and pocket mirrors are made from cellulose acetate. It’s a sustainable material, with a shorter lifespan than plastic or basic acrylic. This material is recycled and biodegradable, made from plants. Any scrap piece is recycled into brand new acetate.

We committed to use this material in order to avoid mainstream plastic full of damaging oil for the environment.

Our metal material is tested and free from nickel, lead and cadmium.

Our puzzles are made in recycled paperboard and vegetal inks, the scraps are also recycled.

Packaging :

We care about the wellness of our teams and like to offer Limited Editions, available in small quantities, to keep good working conditions among our teams (including manufacturers and suppliers). We work with an ESAT (a French structure dedicated to help disabled persons work) to put pins on the cards.

Your orders are wrapped as gifts in a recyclable paper pouch, made in France. We do our best to limit over packaging and plastic in general. Packages are sent by our French logistics team.

We are open to your comments and do our best to improve ourselves a little bit more every day! As a small business, our current impact might be low, but we do want to get better continuously and work in the most responsible way to give you joy day after day and make you feel comfortable in your socks!

If you have any other questions, please contact us at contact@coucousuzette.com, we will be happy to help. And feel free to follow @coucousuzette on Instagram to have sneak peeks of the backstage!

With love,

Coucou Suzette Team