Colorful, fun, sexy and kitsch creations !

It all started with a boob. At a time when women want to free the nipple, Juliette created a ring for one of her friends : more precisely a ceramic boob ring, made with love and humour.

The piece of art is posted on Instagram and surprise! Everyone wants one.

Amazed by the enthusiasm, Juliette decides to decline the ring into vintage boobs pins (sold by two of course), then create new items : naughty socks, original jewelleries, little alluring boxes, funny panties and flashy clutches.

Created in 2013, Coucou Suzette stands out with its unique creations, affordable prices and quality accessories. From the comfy socks to the shiny pins, you have everything you need to pimp any outfit.

Coucou Suzette offers many limited editions - constantly renewed according to the mood of the moment - as well as a few best-sellers that are part of a permanent collection, such as the Eye pin, the Boobs socks or the Hug ring.

With over 190,000 followers on Instagram, the online springboard of the brand, Juliette was able to create her official website and sell her art in many concept stores in France and around the world.

Every day more brands come to Coucou Suzette for fun and colorful partnerships, such as Sephora, Naturalia, Kiehl’s, N2, l’Occitane and the singer Angèle.


Juliette - Creator of the brand

The founder of Coucou Suzette: Juliette Mallet, illustrator. She grew up in a family of artists, with a mom who’s a painter and a stylist, a father playing the music and a brother making sculptures.

The thirty-year-old (ish) Parisian studied Illustration at the Arts Déco in Paris (ENSAD) and in Tokyo, a city she fell in love with. She then studied jewelry at the Ecole Boulle in Paris.

Juliette's world is light and fun - she creates all the collections with great spontaneity and deals with the communication and the production of the brand.

She draws what is fun to her and makes creative accessories out of it. The Dachshund socks, the Eye hair claw and the Mussel pin are among her favorites.

Her sources of inspiration are comics, and especially the “Tom-Tom et Nana” collection, which Juliette loves and reads again and again. Juliette is also a huge fan of Jacques Demy and adores Peau d' ne’s amazing costumes as well as the Demoiselles de Rochefort’s sense of humor... She also collects plastic flowers, glittery things and spends her free time with her huge Bernese Mountain Dog, Joya.


Clotilde - Project Manager

After studying Arts and Culture and going to London for a while, Clotilde worked in fancy art galleries and designer shops. She was the first one to join the Coucou Suzette journey!

She makes sure every collection launches properly: she supports and assists Juliette in the creative process, she handles the organization with our manufacturers and logisticians, poses for the photos, develops the catalogs with the designer, and supervises the whole team like a conductor (without the tail coat, thanks).

Lisa - Wholesale & After Sales Service Manager

After living the American Dream as a dancer in New York and Los Angeles, and as a travel planner throughout the US, Lisa is back in France and she is the latest in the Coucou Suzette team!

Lisa handles the after-sales service like a boss, resolves all the little problems regarding the orders, makes sure our resellers receive all the novelties (in France and worldwide), and if you call our office, she will probably be the one picking up the phone!

Diana - Sales Assistant

Diana, the woman with a thousand unreal stories who likes to try all types of work. Florist? Cheesemaker? Tattoo artist? Done, done and done. Sales assistant at Coucou Suzette? Also done!

From the product sheets to the update of the website, all the novelties are online thanks to her. She is also in charge of registering our creations to protect them from the (many) copies. And during the intense periods, she gives Lisa a hand with the after-sales service. A joyful and efficient girl who always has a smile on her face!

Astrid - Online Marketing

Both a geek and a joyful fitness girl, Astrid joined the team to improve our website. She scans every single product sheet and newsletter to make the customer experience even more pleasant!

Lucile - Writer & Translator

Lucile loves words: she always has to find the most appropriate terms, she worships the synonym dictionary and can spend hours on translation websites. She’s the one behind the cheerful product sheets and newsletters.

Florence & her Logistics Team - Orders Preparation & Sending 

They are our logistic team taking care of all your orders!Their premises are a few hours away from Paris (picture the huge and busy warehouse of Ikea: that’s about it). They pack and ship every single one of your orders with great care.

Mélie & Hélène - Graphic Designers

Hélène creates our banners and colorful newsletters to keep you well-informed.
Mélie conceives our catalogs every season to show the shops our latest novelties.

Christine - Consultant

According to Christine, every problem has a solution. She assists and helps us with our (many) administrative issues, and makes our contracts (like she knows to).

Charlie - Webmaster

We described to Charlie our dreamed site, he made it. We call him as soon as a virtual issue shows up!