Colorful, sexy, funny, unique and delightfully kitsch creations !

Initially a joke: Juliette created a little ceramic boob shaped ring for a friend and posted it on Instagram, just for fun.

People instantly asked her where they could buy it!

So she started selling the ring on her online store, a bit surprised but very enthousiastic.

That's really how everything started: thanks to a little boob!

To meet the ever-increasing demand, she decided to decline the little pink breast into pins (sold as a pair of course), as she used to collect themas a kid, and then created various objects: gold embroidered patches, sexy novelty socks, fun jewelry, quirky little boxes, funny shirts and phone cases evrything but discreet.

Created in 2013, Coucou Suzette quickly stood out with its original and accessible creations, soft prices for quality accessories, comfortable cotton socks, shining pins that’ll brighten up your outfit in the blink of an eye.

Many limited editions, which are constantly renewed, according to the inspiration of the moment, as well as some best sellers that are part of a permanent collection such as the Eye Pin, the Boobs socks, or the Hug Ring.

With over 153K followers on Instagram, which was the springboard of Coucou Suzette, the creations are sold on the brand’s official website, as well as in many concept stores in France and around the world.

Everyday more brands - such as Naturalia, the singer Angèle, Sephora, Orangina, the Centre Pompidou, Kiehl's, N2 and l'Occitane - come to Coucou Suzette for fun collaborations...


Juliette - Creator of the brand

Founder of the brand: Juliette Mallet, illustrator.

Juliette grew up in a family of artists: painter and stylist mother, musician father and sculptor brother.

Juliette's universe is light and fun. She creates on instinct with great spontaneity. She draws what amuses her, like her pins representing couples studying kamasutra or this girl who’s swinging with so much enthousiasm we can see her panties showing off.

Thirty years old parisian girl full of energy, Juliette studied Design and Illustration at the Arts Déco in Paris (ENSAD) and Tokyo, a city she fell in love with. Then studied jewelry at the Ecole Boulle in Paris.

Her sources of inspiration are comics, and especially Tom-Tom and Nana collection, which Juliette adores and reads again and again with no shame for this delicious regression.

Juliette is also an absolute Jacques Demy fan and cherishes Peau d'Âne’s amazing costumes as well as the Demoiselles de Rochefort’s sense of humor... She also collects plastic flowers, all kind of glitters and spends her free time with her huge Bernese Mountain Dog.


Clotilde - Wholesale Manager & Customer Service

Clotilde studied arts and crafts, worked in amazing art Parisian galleries and in the finest concept stores.

She's been part of the Coucou Suzette team since 2017! She manages the wholesale department, takes care of the webshop, and supervises each creation with her wise look (and sometimes lends her feet for the photos).

Florence & her Logistics Team - Orders Preparation & Sending 

It is our team of logisticians who prepares all your orders!

There factory is based in mettre le nom de la ville (visualize the huge Ikea warehouse: it looks a lot like it!) where they beautifully pack each order with very special care then ship them all around the world !

Mélie & Hélène - Graphic Designers

Mélie creates our catalog with passion to show last Coucou Suzette's creations to our beloved retailers,  and Hélène deals with our colorful newsletters to keep you updated about every fun news!

Christine - Consultant

The mother you wish you’d have. She has an answer to every single one of our problems!

Charlie - Webmaster

Our favorite geek we call each time we re having trouble turning on our computer. He also created the whole Coucou Suzette website...


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