1 mariage, 7 accessoires

1 wedding, 7 accessories

Summer means sunshine, seaside weekends and chilling days, but also... Wedding season, of course! Whether it's your big sister's, your cousin's or your best friend's, you want to look your best for this special day. Finding the right outfit isn't always easy, but if there's one thing we can help with, it's accessories! And isn't that the secret to a look that's just as hot as you want it to be, after all? Let's get to work on our selection of the finest accessories to celebrate the cute couple in style.

We're off to a great start with our mini daisy, sakura, sunflower, hibiscus and forget-me-not flower claw clips. We pick these five wonders and arrange them in a crown around a high or low bun, depending on the length of our mane.

You've found the perfect dress, but it's lacking a touch of fun? No problem, we'll dress it up with the gorgeous tulip beaded bag in which you can keep your tissues for the emotional vow sequence.

What could be better than a majestic dove claw clip to celebrate the love between two souls? Just nestle the little thing in your hair and you're all set for the ceremony.

To frame your cute little face, pick a pair of daisy earrings. A retro yet modern accessory that goes with every outfit and is a must-have for all themed weddings.

Simple but terribly effective: the mini pink heart. A small lucky accessory that's perfect with a half-up style or to end a braid, and that promises the married couple eternal love, nothing less!

For a country wedding hairstyle in the heart of a castle, we would go for yellow, blue, purple butterfly clips... Or all three of them! Have fun with these pretty bugs and clip them to all your fairy braids.

Let’s not be afraid of too many flowers and add hibiscus earrings to our already floral blouse. Perfect for an extra touch of chic with their gold hoops. And if you want to go even further, complete the look with a matching hair clip.

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