Our Manufacturing

All Coucou Suzette creations are conceived by the brand's founder, Juliette Mallet, from our Paris offices. Since the very beginning in 2016, she has joyfully and passionately designed each model that gives birth to our creations, which are themselves manufactured by our various carefully selected partners around the world.

Cellulose acetate accessories

Where are they made?

Our cellulose acetate hair accessories, combs, rulers, pocket mirrors and earring pendants are made in factories in Eastern China.

Since 2017, we've been working hand-in-hand with the same master manufacturer who brings Juliette's designs to life like no other, and whom we met in 2023. Discover our visit here.

While we know that Chinese manufacturing is still sometimes controversial, we chose these factories because they are acetate specialists and guarantee unique workmanship and know-how

In addition, we organize annual ethics audits to ensure that beyond their certifications, these factories offer the best possible working environment for their employees.

To find out more about our choice of manufacturing in China, you can read our dedicated page.


These accessories are made from cellulose acetate, a plant-based material

It's a plastic made from wood or cotton, not petroleum like its cousins, making it a more environmentally-friendly candidate. Plus it's a material that offers a very wide choice of colors and effects, allowing us to realize our wildest creative projects.

To find out more about cellulose acetate, take a look at our dedicated blog post.

Simple cotton socks

Where are they made?

Our simple cotton socks and baby socks are made in France, in the same factory since we started in 2016. 

This factory has specialized in making socks since 2010, and won us over with its high-quality products, which it also manufactures for top athletes and haute couture designers.

Their socks are as soft as they are strong, and promise to last for many years.

The high level of expertise and technical skills of our manufacturers also enable us to produce our creations in a variety of colorful patterns. Find out how they're made from A to Z.

We're proud to support the French textile industry in our own way.


Our cotton socks are made mainly from Oeko-tex© standard 100 certified cotton : 72% Cotton / 27% Polyamide / 1% Elastane.

The Oeko-tex© standard 100 is an international label certifying the absence (or very low concentration) of chemical substances considered harmful or undesirable. It ensures that the finished product is free from toxic substances and presents no risks to health or the environment.

Our baby socks are made from organic cotton, also certified Oeko-tex© standard 100, to provide the very best for your little ones' feet. We chose to use organic cotton because it is grown without pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers, without GMOs, and requires less water than conventional cotton.

Complex cotton socks

Where are they made?

Our glitter socks are made either in Portugal or in China, since the prices offered by our French sock manufacturers would not allow us to offer our products at an affordable price. We choose one or other of our manufacturers depending on which rendering is closest to the desired result - while we'd like to have all our glitter sock production in Portugal, Chinese confection may in some cases prove more convincing. 

As for our other complex socks, with hairy or glow-in-the-dark patterns, these are made by our Chinese manufacturer in charge of transparent socks, since this type of project requires tooling, materials and know-how that our European factories don't have.

Our simple cotton socks, which represent the vast majority of our production, are made in France. Check out the french manufacturting of our cotton socks.


Our glitter socks are made mainly from Oeko-tex© standard 100-certified cotton (72% Cotton / 27% Polyamide / 1% Elastane or 72% Cotton / 20% Polyamide / 7% Metallic fibers / 1% Elastane depending on the model, please refer to the “info” category of the product sheets).

Our other complex socks are also mainly made from Oeko-tex© standard 100-certified cotton (72% Cotton / 27% Polyamide / 1% Elastane).

Sheer socks

Where are they made?

Our transparent socks are made by the same manufacturer who has been with us since the very beginning, and whom we were able to visit at her factory in 2023, located in the Shanghai region of China. Discover our visit here.

She carries out all our projects with skill and precision, unlike several factories in France & Europe where we carried out trials but with inconclusive results. In fact, the socks produced by this factory have proven to be particularly resistant over time.

Check out our European tests.

We are therefore delighted to continue working together since 2017 on all our collections.


Our sheer socks are stretchy and resistant, composed in the manner of tights with a quality thread for good durability. They are made of 60% Polyester / 39% Cotton / 1% Elastane; in the style of a stocking, with high-quality thread for good durability.


Where are they made?

Our shirts are made in Portugal by a manufacturer we've been working with since our very first shirt in 2017.

We embarked on this journey with him because he was recommended to us for the quality of his work and he agreed to work with us on small quantities. We are very satisfied with our collaboration, and he has continued to support us with our various shirts ever since.


Our shirts are made from 100% viscose for a soft feel on the skin and a fluid fall.

Textile accessories

Where are they made?

Our fanny packs and pouches are designed in a workshop near Hong-Kong in China, established in 2016. We selected this manufacturer because it offers us great creative freedom, thanks to its experience in the fashion world. This means we can get as close as possible to the shapes we want our accessories to take, with asymmetrical and domed styles, gold embroidery or flashy satin interiors. 

It was thanks to the expertise and advice of their technical team that we were able to launch this new range of products, such as the Mussel fanny pack.

Additionally, she speaks French, which facilitates our communication, and she lives part-time in France. Therefore, she visits our offices to discuss production in person and fine-tune our ongoing creations.


Our fanny packs and pouches are made from polyester and elastane.

Brass jewelry and boxes

Where are they made?

We've changed manufacturers and plating techniques several times to achieve a result we're completely satisfied with, and to offer you high-quality jewelry and accessories.

Depending on the models and required skills, our jewelry is made either in a Vietnamese factory in Ha Nam province, or in a Chinese factory near Hong Kong.

Our earrings with acetate pendants are made in the same factories where we manufacture all our acetate accessories, in China.

For more information, please visit our “cellulose acetate accessories” blog post.


Our jewelry items, such as the Dachshund ring, Swallow earrings and the famous Boob box, are made of 3-micron gold-plated brass (with the exception of the Sunflower earrings), and coated with a transparent varnish for greater plating durability. Stems are hypoallergenic stainless steel.

Our acetate earrings feature 3-micron gold-plated steel hoops & hypoallergenic stainless steel stems, as well as cellulose acetate pendants.


Where are they made?

Our pin manufacturers, with whom we've been collaborating since 2016, are located in China, in the Guangdong region, and in Taiwan.

They are members of SEDEX, a collaborative platform that provides a framework for developing good ethical (employee health and safety), environmental and responsible practices guaranteed by SMETA certification


Our pins are made of brass and colored enamels.


Where are they made?

Our posters are printed in a centrally located Parisian workshop. Each poster is a limited edition, numbered and signed by Juliette Mallet, creator of Coucou Suzette.

Our puzzles are produced in France, in a factory that was founded over 100 years ago! Specialized in wood, it developed its puzzle industry in the 70s.

It's a pleasure for us to be able to call on local manufacturing and know-how whenever we can.


Our posters are printed using the risography process, meaning that only one color is printed at a time, and the same poster has to be run through the machine several times to get the final result, layer by layer.  

This technology is based on energy-efficient cold printing and solvent-free inks

Our puzzles are made from cardboard and paper bearing the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label, guaranteeing that the wood used comes from legal, sustainably managed forests. We use vegetable-based inks.

Paper pouches

Where are they made?

If you've ordered from us before, you'll know that all our creations arrive gift-wrapped in pouches!

The factory making them is located in France. We chose them because they are PEFC-certified, which means their products contain a minimum of 70% materials from sustainably managed forests or from recycled sources.


The paper sleeves are made from recycled paper and are customizable, allowing us to let our creativity run wild and change them with the seasons: hearts in February, holly in winter, and turquoise eyes all year round, of course.

We do our utmost to improve a little more each day.

As a small business, our current impact may be modest, but we are committed to continuously improving our processes and take pride in working as responsibly as possible to bring you joy every day and make you feel good in your socks!