Our commitment

Coucou Suzette is a young brand making the best possible commitment to animals and the planet.

Coucou Suzette is a 1% for the planet member since 2023

We are proud to be part of 1% for the Planet, a non-profit organization launched in 2002 in the United States that brings together philanthropic companies, with an easily recognizable label and a simple message: donate 1% of sales to environmental associations.

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Collaborations with associations

We're also happy to make donations to animal charities in need.

For example, we've worked with the S.P.A., the biggest French organization for animal care, on several occasions: these partnerships have resulted in a puzzle, a key-ring and a banana, with 100% of the profits going to the association.

We've also teamed up with the “GroinGroin” shelter, which helps farmed animals exploited for their flesh, and raises public awareness of the plight of miniature pigs, adopted as pets and then abandoned. To support them, we've designed a pair of original socks covered in adorable little piglets, and donated 100% of the profits from their sale to the shelter.

  • S.P.A.

    Creation of a puzzle and a key ring to support the association that takes care of abandoned and mistreated animals

  • GroinGroin Shelter

    Creation of a pair of cotton socks with a pig patterns on it, the symbol of the shelter which takes care of farm animals

We also support small animal shelters, rehabilitation centers and retreats with regular donations. More than anyone else, these modest, independent structures depend on donations of this kind to care for their residents.

Last but not least, in 2024, Coucou Suzette also made a commitment to the fight against cancer with the Curie Institute and its campaign “Une jonquille contre le cancer” (meaning “a daffodil against cancer”). To mark the occasion, we made a donation, as well as donating a part of the profits from all sales of our daffodil accessories (hair claw, clip & sheer socks) during the month of March.

Coucou Suzette s'engage également sur la production de ses créations en restant attentives à ses choix d’usines et de matières