Julien Doré x Coucou Suzette

After the singer Angèle, Coucou Suzette teamed up again with a francophone singer (we are obsessed with), well-known in France for his insane charisma, his unmistakable blond wavy hair (with sometimes barrettes in it!) and his crazy video clips.We are talking about the one and only… Julien Doré! We saw him for the first time in the French TV show La Nouvelle Star, he made us fall in love with him with his covers, and after five years of hearing his music on every radio, we can’t help but know all his singles!

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For this collab, we were asked to create some cool and quality merchandising products as part of the promotion of his album and his “Aimée” tour.

To switch from the good old t-shirt everyone buy at the end of the concerts, we came up with cute light blue and pink socks, with a Jean-Marc & Simone pattern, the two big white doggos of the artist (cute White Swiss Shepherd siblings dogs), who happen to be stars of Instagram with more than 100K followers (unlike us and our Sunday brunch pictures…).

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These socks are made of Italian cotton certified OEKO-TEX®️ and made in France. They areavailable during the whole “Aimée” tour of Julien Doré, starting February 2022 at Aix-en-Provence!