La S.P.A. x Coucou Suzette

You may have noticed with the Woof, Meow and Kids collections: Coucou Suzette loves animals! We love their no-filter behaviors enlivening our days for better or for worse, between the cuddles and the frisky behavior. 

And since we care about the well-being of these furballs, we naturally wanted to partner the S.P.A. (“Société Protectrice des Animaux”, the biggest French organization for animal protection) to create a beautiful winter puzzle and an adorable key ring.

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The “Lovely pets” 500 piece puzzle had been designed for the whole family with the joyful gang of animals having fun in the snow and enjoying the skating rink!A hen and her chicks happily skating, geese cuddling to keep each other warm, rabbits having a chat around a cup of hot chocolate, pigs hitting the slopes… Many cute scenes remembering the winter pleasures. Just what we needed for cozy nights in front of the fireplace.

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A nice present for Christmas, for you and for the S.P.A. animals, since100% of the benefits are given to the association!