Angèle x Coucou Suzette

One day, the Belgian singer Angèle (no introduction needed anymore) spots the fun creations of Coucou Suzette on Instagram, and voilà! The Eye phone case is the star of her new video clip “La thune”! (as well as some other iconic Coucou Suzette creations, let’s see if you can find them…)

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The Eye phone case goes along with her during the promotion of her album on tv shows (here on the very popular French show ‘Quotidien’, hosted by Yann Barthès).

A few months later, Angèle teams up with Coucou Suzette again to create the goodies of her tour. Juliette, the creator of the brand, comes up with funky socks and a pin illustrated with the spirit animal of Angèle: a cute plump otter, big spender, as a reference to the video clip of “La thune”

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Charlotte Abramow, the beloved photographer of Angèle (and director of her iconic clip “Balance ton quoi”), shoots later a series of photos for Télérama (a well-known French magazine) where Angèle wears a Coucou Suzette Boob ring - very first creation of the brand - on each finger (never too much!).