têtu x Coucou Suzette collab

Whether they are members of the LGBTQIA+ community or not, all French people know about têtu magazine! Since its creation in 1995,this media gave freedom of speech on many topics and gave a voice to the queer community, supporting every LGBTQI+ fight.And let’s not forget about their cool iconic covers making us slow the pace when walking by a newspaper kiosk…

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With the Pride coming,Coucou Suzette and têtu decided to team up to create a fun and sexy mini collection!

You will find pretty glitter rainbows of course, as pins or keychains, celebrating the colorful LGBT flag. But also two pairs of super soft cotton socks to be on fleek during the parade: one with little characters in briefs forming a playful circle around your ankles, and the other one covered in… Willies! Hairy or shaved, hiding or showing, and sometimes with a piercing or a 90’s tattoo:it’s a true willy party!

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A set of fun and naughty accessories, perfect to show off at the Pride!