GroinGroin x Coucou Suzette

Coucou Suzette keeps fighting for animal rights through a partnership with GroinGroin, a cool association helping farm animals exploited for their meat, their milk or their eggs.

In the 12 hectare refuge, a hundred ish animals leave together, saved from slaughterhouse, breeding, abuse or abandonment. Among this big family: chickens, turkeys, cows, donkeys, poneys, goats and so much more.

Since the creation of the refuge in 2005, the association saved and placed more than 2000 animals, plus the ones saved through the fight for a more respectful way of life, by rejecting the consumption of animal products for example.

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But if the association welcomes any type of animal, they mainly try to increase public awareness regarding pigs, and especially teacup pigs: these adorable creatures are often adopted as pets because they are “trendy”, then widely abandoned. GroinGroin warmly welcomes these animals, as much as they can, to give them a well-deserved outdoor retirement.

To support the happiness of these adorable piggies, Coucou Suzette created a pair of pink and red cotton socks, very comfy and covered in cute little pigs.

100% of the profits on the sale of these socks are donated to the GroinGroin association, so the animals remain free and happy!