Dans les coulisses de Cat Lady

Behind the scenes of Cat Lady

It all started with a cute grey Persian cat named… Suzette! That’s right, the name of the brand comes from the beloved furball of Juliette, founder of Coucou Suzette.


It is also why we launched not one but two cat-themed collections. “Cat Lady” is the second chapter of the “Meow” collection, celebrating again and again our beloved mini felines.

For this photo shoot, we knew what we wanted: push the vintage tacky 50’s commercial vibe to the max with insane dresses, flashy make-up and colgate smiles, surrounded by satin, perls, laces and kitsch decorations that would make our grandmas jealous… Basically, use the codes of the perfect housewife in her perfect(ly fake) home.

Playing our heroines, the fabulous Pénélope Bagieux, comic strip illustrator, and Pauline Lefèvre, actress and TV host, who were wonderful in the part of the ladies crazy about their cat, Lady Di style.

And of course Juliette, living her best life in her own fake world, baking an exotic shorthair birthday cake for her cat.


Shout out to Nicolas who had to pose in a turtleneck mohair jumper during the heatwave…


Last but not least, the little Maurice who was the best girl and to whom we are happy to give the first prize of feline grace.

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