Coucou Suzette x La S.P.A

Coucou Suzette x La S.P.A

You may have noticed with the Woof, Meow or Tweet collections: Coucou Suzette loves animals with all her heart!

And since we care deeply about the well-being of these cuties, we chose to partner with the SPA - “Société Protectrice des Animaux”, the biggest French organisation for animal protection.

We created for them a cute keychain celebrating friendship between cats & dogs, as well as a pretty winter puzzle; the “Lovely pets” 500 piece puzzle has been designed for the whole family, with its joyful gang of animals having fun in the snow. A hen and her chicks happily skating, geese cuddling to keep themselves warm, rabbits having a chat around a cup of hot chocolate, pigs hitting the slopes… Many cute scenes remembering the winter joys and keeping us busy during the cosy nights by the fireplace.

Some nice presents for both humans and SPA animals, since 100% of the benefits were given to the association.

Last but not least, we also created for them a fanny pack matching the keychain, that you can have by donating 100€ or more to the SPA to make the life of their residents a little bit better (while stocks last). To donate, click here : 

It is very important for Coucou Suzette to commit to animal welfare, even at a small scale. Our beloved pets bring so much to us, it is about time we give something back, the way we can.

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