It’s a fact, puzzles are perfect to release stress. Good for us, we are all a bit tense lately (aren’t we?).

Cool puzzles with thousands of fun details, and snow balls a little different than the ones your grandma had.

At Coucou Suzette, games are not (always) for kids ;)

Lovely Pets Jigsaw Puzzle -... Lovely Pets Jigsaw Puzzle -... 2
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You probably got it: Coucou Suzette loves animals! So we quite naturally wanted to partner the S.P.A. (“Société Protectrice des Animaux”, the biggest French organisation for animal protection) to create a cute winter puzzle. This 500 pieces puzzle had been designed for the whole family, with its joyful gang of animals having fun in the snow! A hen and her...
Home Sweet Home Jigsaw... Home Sweet Home Jigsaw... 2
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A batch of cookies straight from the oven, a sweet kiss from grandma, a reading/tea break with your cousin… Nothing better than low temperatures to stay home with your family around a chimney fire, or with your lover under the blanket… Each one enjoys winter delights their way! 1000 pieces - 68 cm x 49 cm - Poster included Made in France - Recycled coated...
Dog Park Jigsaw Puzzle Dog Park Jigsaw Puzzle 2
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Dog Park Jigsaw Puzzle

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Dogs sniffing each other's butts, grandmas debriefing last night’s date, a nap between parents and dog, a crush around tangled leash… Dog park is the spot where hundreds of unexpected and funny situations take place!  An original puzzle you can use as decoration once it’s over. 500 pieces - 46 cm x 33 cm - Poster included Box: 22 cm x 14,5 cm x 3 cm -...

Kamasutra Jigsaw Puzzle

Cool puzzle for cool adults ! The perfect fun gift to review your Kamasutra. It's also a nice way to break the ice & to send a (very) clear message to your crush ;) As long as everything fits together... 500 pieces - 46 cm x 33 cm - Poster included Level: difficult (tips: start with the characters and not the edges!) Box: 22 cm x 14,5 cm x 3 cm - Made...