Une journée dans notre usine de chaussettes

A day in our sock factory

The Coucou Suzette team loves a day trip!

In November 2023 we visited the French factory where our soft cotton socks have been made since 2016. These manufacturers have followed us since our early beginnings and we created a real trust relationship together since. We were able to discuss ongoing projects and take a few pictures to share with you.


The space is divided in long lines of machines working hard, with threads unrolling and interlocking everywhere, next to the piles of colorful thread reels. It is a good opportunity to see in details the manufacturing from A to Z of the Coucou Suzette socks and to show you the main steps:


It all starts with a European thread (Italian, Portuguese or French), certified OEKO-TEX® standard 100It takes two hours to equip a machine and set up the threads!

Next, the sock is knitted in a circle, inside a tube: it takes 3 minutes to make one, 6 to make a pair. 

Then a first quality check is made and the sock is turned inside out by hand so every inch is inspected, before being sewn at the end by a machine.

Now it is time to turn it inside out again so it is in the right way: a fun step where you put the sock on a sort of super powerful vacuum cleaner nozzle and poof! It is sucked and turned in a second. Once they are complete, it is time to shape them: they are put one by one on a flat frame shaped as a foot before being ironed hammam-style to get their final shape.

The socks now get their second quality check before being paired with their mate for life. Next it is time for the Coucou Suzette packaging to be sewn.

Finally our beautiful unisex socks are ready to be packed to go on new adventures and get some feet warmed up all over the world!


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