Centre Pompidou x Coucou Suzette

The Centre Pompidou is one of the most famous Parisian museums. Both tourists and locals love to visit it to see the latest exhibition or just to admire its very original architecture. We are obsessed with the exposed escalators, the huge bay windows allowing us to admire Paris from above, and the rainbow pipes all over the place: creativity and colors, our two brands had to get along!

For their fashion week event called “Fashion Loves Art”, the Centre Pompidou offered Coucou Suzette the opportunity to have its own photocall space, with a pop and colorful spirit representative of the brand.

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The visitors could take pictures of themselves on the background covered in blue eyes, using fun painted-wood accessories to make their poses even more creative.Everyone could leave with their own portraits, Coucou Suzette style!Among the accessories we created for this partnership, a few iconic symbols of Coucou Suzette of course, such as the pulpy red lips, the big turquoise eye, the pretty manicured hand or the pink boobs and their free nipples. 

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Fun or naughty accessories which attract many curious visitors who had a good time creating original pictures!