Cut By Fred x Coucou Suzette

Cut by Fred is the success story of Fred, a hairdresser for 20 years, who wanted to go further in his career and launch his own hair care brand.The point was to shake the industry as our products are often full of chemicals - they might make our hair shine for a bit but they are definitely not good for their health. So Fred wanted to improve the cosmetic industry thanks to his experience and created a range of vegan products with the cleanest composition.They are easy to use and the packaging is refined and eco-friendly; basically they go for useful and efficient products and say bye to anything else.

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For the back to school season of 2022, Cut by Fred decided to launch their very first box named “BACK TO COOL”! In this box, the hairdresser combined one of his best-sellers (the Vegan Hydratation hair food) to some nice brands who share the same values as him. Between the food supplement, the teas and the cute notebooks, Coucou Suzette was invited to join the party with a cute little bulldog hair clip! Obviously, once your hair looks amazing, you have to style it properly…

This hair clip was selected with care among all our creations, and this one was chosen because it looks just like the furry mascot of the brand!