Ho Karan x Coucou Suzette

Ho Karan is a brand of natural cosmetics created to help men and women relax in an innovative way, through cannabis coming straight from Brittany.If this plant can have a bad reputation, it is known for its numerous virtues: regenerating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory… It is also a big help to relax physically and mentally, which can be useful when our brains are a bit too busy with everyday worries. Bring it in!

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With cannabis as a base, Ho Karan produces lotions, serums, soaps, but also… Lubricant! Who would have thought!

To celebrate the launching of their new lubricant dedicated to female pleasure, Ho Karan asked Coucou Suzette to create a pin that would be given to the clients curious of this innovative product. But not just another pin, oh no, a clitoris pin! Juliette, the founder of Coucou Suzette, came up with the cutest golden pin with a red heart. Breaking news, the clitoris is not just a little magic button! Even if it only shows the tip of its nose, it is way bigger than it looks, so we can feel pleasure in a thousand ways.