Kiehl's x Coucou Suzette

Kiehl’s is a well-known American brand of cosmetics which at first was nothing but a small family business. More than a century ago, Mr Kiehl opened his pharmacie at the corner of a New York street to help his neighborhood, without knowing he would give his name toone of the biggest brands of care products!

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What we like about the brand: quality products inspired by nature and a clear composition at the front of the packaging, showing off with no shame.

To thank their most regular clients, Kiehl’s wanted to come up with a cute little gift in limited edition. They came to Coucou Suzette and together we created a pack of one pin and one patch based on their all-time best-seller: the “Crème de corps”. An adorable yellow bottle, looking just like the real one (except we didn’t have enough space for the full compo…).

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And since we don’t change a winning team, Kiehl’s came to Coucou Suzette again regarding the We Love Green festival.This collab gave birth to the“Kiss pack”, given to the festival people, very happy to add a touch of fun to their jacket’s collar.