Louis Pion x Coucou Suzette

Coucou Suzette likes to work with beautiful French brands with unique skills and Louis Pion is definitely one of them! This brand is more than a century old and has all the expertise that goes with it. It is one of the biggest references of French watchmaking. If it started as a small family business, it now has more than 120 shops and corners all over the country.

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To celebrate Mother's Day, Louis Pion teamed up with Coucou Suzette to create an elegant, fun, unique and kitsch box to spoil our moms. In this box: an original watch covered in golden details (from the bracelet to the hands), with a big turquoise iris in the middle of the dial.

But that’s not it, the box also contains a bracelet, adjustable and in the same tones, with two blue eyes looking very alert. They are the symbol of Coucou Suzette, the beloved emblem you can already find on many of our best-sellers! This watch-bracelet combo is perfect to make our outfits shine.

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A fancy and cute partnership sealing the encounter between the colorful and creative world of Coucou Suzette and the watchmaking know-how of Louis Pion.