Naturalia x Coucou Suzette

Naturalia called Coucou Suzette several times to collaborate on various projects. Discover the four fun collaborations between the two brands !

1- Young women illustrations

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Coucou Suzette had so much fun representing young women with different physical appearances and origins to talk about a very interesting taboo subject: periods!

The illustrations were declined in different forms to promote organic healthy sanitary products: Stickers on all the Naturalia Origines store frontcustomized stands (in all Naturalia stores) and a cute beauty clutch.

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2- A cute and colorful bottle

Coucou Suzette and Naturalia joined forces again to create a fun patterned bottle of which all the profits will be donated to Le Refuge. Cute illustrations representing love and solidarity have been invented for this collaboration. The association helps young people from the LGBT community by showing support and offering them a roof when they are kicked out of their home just because of who they are and who they love.

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3- Nice washable masks

For this new collaboration, Coucou Suzette creates a playful pattern for washable fabric masks on the theme of quarantine, solidarity and barrier gestures for Naturalia. Those small colorful and funny illustrations will allow us to wear an original fabric mask! All profits from the sales of this collaboration are donated to the Abbé Pierre et Coeur de Forêt Foundations.

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4- An illustrated totebag

Naturalia proposes Coucou Suzette to take inspiration from its wellness aesthetic to customize a shopping bag with a fun illustration.The collaboration combines the atmosphere of Naturalia Origines that offers organic cosmetics and the original universe of Coucou Suzette. Juliette, the illustrator of Coucou Suzette chose to honor the woman body by representing a girl surrounded by a beautiful vegetal landscape.The result: a nice tote bag that you can take everywhere with you!