Passage du désir x Coucou Suzette

A mussel for my mussel: here is the hottest collab Coucou Suzette ever launched!

This pretty mussel has been designed with Passage du désir, a store chain well-known by every Parisian… Yes, it’s a sex shop, but not any sex shop. Here you won’t find a creepy curtain at the entrance or sketchy pictures on the dusty walls; the stores are fun and tasteful enough so you actually want to go in!

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Coucou Suzette blended her naughtiness with the skills of the pleasure expert to create this one of a kind shell. We love its cool and clean design, and its super soft silicone guaranteeing safety and comfort. 

But what does this mussel do exactly? It vibrates of course! And for our greatest pleasure, it has 7 modes of vibration to keep things interesting, and 3 intensity to fit any sensitivity. And if it wasn’t enough, it is waterproof to have fun even under the shower or during a bath! A great way to fish pleasure.

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Like every mussel, this one needs to be taken care of properly: clean it delicately before and after use with a neutral pH soap (or a specific sextoy cleaner), and if you need lubricant, use a water-based one only so you don’t damage the precious shell.

Long live the mussel!