Rewild x Coucou Suzette

Rewild is an organization which just made a beautiful project come true: buying a zoo to turn it into a refuge. Now that the place is closed to the public, the residents can finally live in peace.

Coucou Suzette supports Rewild's project and creates a series of several pins on the theme of wild animals. All profits were donated to Rewild.

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Although we are increasingly aware of the animal condition, what we see is unfortunately only the tip of the iceberg and we can't imagine the misery that zoo residents endure: chlorinated turquoise waters that deteriorate the eyesight and skin of marine mammals, a terribly stressful enclosure layout when prey and predators are forced to cohabit within a few meters of each other, elephants that suffer from having only a mini looped course at their disposal when they need to walk for miles a day, perpetual inbreeding that gives rise to genetic abnormalities, which are sometimes encouraged for certain species such as the white tigers.

Rewild therefore bought this former zoo to transform it into an animal care refuge. Those who cannot adapt to life in the wild will go to reserves for a well-deserved retirement, while the others will be released into the wild.