Shanty Biscuits x Coucou Suzette

Do you know Shanty Biscuits? It’s a brand of shortbread on which you can print any kind of message. Yes, you read that right, any kind! Whether it is for a big announcement, to apologize to someone, to show your love or to share a private joke, these biscuits are here to send the message. 

Of course, Coucou Suzette saw right away the naughty potential of these deliciousness and that's how the two brands teamed up to create an unusual Valentine’s gift.

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On the outside, a beautiful box covered in cute and hot drawings: a bottle of champagne, some candles, a pair of handcuffs, a pretty red rose, kamasutra positions to give you some ideas… And inside, a game of sexy biscuits you can eat with your special someone (or alone on your couch of course - we tried, it works). If you know the famous naughty dice game, the rules are the same: you pick one biscuit with an action on it, then one biscuit with a body part, and let the party begin! A good way to spice up your time with your partner and explore together…

Forget about roses and chocolate for Valentine’s day, this year it’s Shanty Biscuits x Coucou Suzette!