Sisters Republic x Coucou Suzette

Sisters Republic and Coucou Suzette joined forces to create menstrual panties as comfy as funky!

Sisters Republic is a very cool brand thanks to which we can now stop using pads and tampons that can be not only toxic for our bodies but are also a disaster for ecology.

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With the menstrual panties, no more worries! You just need to have a few of them for that time of the month and throw them in the washing machine for the next one (after a quick rinse under cold water). They are available for teenagers and women and have beautiful designs, unlike our usual ugly “period panties” we like to keep hidden at the back of the drawer.

Finally a feminine hygiene product that allows us to feel good and relax during the - sometimes though - period time.

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For this collaboration, we came up with a co-created capsule collection of three adorable dark blue panties with cool and slightly naughty patterns: we can choose between the cute boobies, the bouncing butts (with a light sunburn) or confident pee-pees. A great way to celebrate the female body, our favorite source of inspiration! 

We are (almost) excited to have our periods just to wear them!