Tajinebanane x Coucou Suzette

Coucou Suzette teamed up with Tajinebanane, a very cool French nursing clothing brand. No more ugly and inconvenient tops during breastfeeding, now we can have nice and comfy jumpers with handy openings on each side of the breast to feed our newborn in any circumstances!Tajinebanane is also a brand that likes to engage into charitable work so they can help many associations. Since 2018, they have collected thousands of euros and many donations in kind. Coucou Suzette appreciates this kind of initiative very much.

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For this partnership, we came up with a fun illustration representing both our brands: two cute manicured hands lightly pinching the nipples! Like the other jumpers of the brand, this one opens on the sides with zips so we don’t need to strip anymore during meal time. At a time when the female body is more and more sexualised, even in situations where it should be completely off the table, it is much appreciated to have some intimacy with our baby thanks to a soft creative jumper.

A dazzling and useful collaboration moms will be obsessed with!