Tea Heritage x Coucou Suzette

We are happy to introduce our cool partnership with Tea Heritage, a brand of organic tea and infusion founded by two French women.They conceive and create their own recipes, sew the tea bags and take care of the orders. What a work! In the tea bags you will find ingredients selected with care, coming from organic and sustainable agriculture. And the detail that makes their tea absolutely unique is the tea bags coming in every shape! Forget about the good old rectangle bags, now you can have clouds, butterflies, planes or even an Eiffel tower.

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For the collab Coucou Suzette x Tea Heritage, we picked a tea bag shaped as a… Dachshund of course! Our love for this doggie is endless and they already are all over Coucou Suzette’s creations, so we didn’t have to think twice before going for this cute sausage dog kept on a leash by a little manicured hand.

This tasty Dachshund is full of delicious organic infusion with almond, apple, rose petals, orange peel, coconut, pineapple, marigold, hibiscus and cornflower flavors, nothing less. This recipe won the heart of everyone in Coucou Suzette’s team! A perfect way to add some heat to the cold winter months and upgrade the cozy nights.