Wild & The Moon x Coucou Suzette

If you live in Paris, there is no way you didn’t hear about Wild & The Moon! This very cool restaurant & teahouse chain has 5 places in the French capital and stands out thanks to a super cute interior design and a green & vegan vibe Parisian people are obsessed with (pleading guilty…). Over there you can find food carefully crafted by nutritionists, and it is actually as good for us as it is for the planet since each packaging can be recycled and is environmentally friendly. Our personal favorite: their delicious energy balls!

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For our collab with this yummy place, Coucou Suzette created 3 little pins referring to the brand logo and best-sellers:

  • An adorable brown owl, the spirit animal of the brand, with big blue eyes and slightly open wings, as if it was caught off guard.
  • Another lighter owl, so cute with its closed eyes, making sure no one is getting close to its matcha tea.
  • A cute granola bag, looking almost real with the texture and details, the name of the brand and the pretty label with a red heart.

We feel like trying all of these specialties now, time for a snack?