Coucou Suzette loves collabs!

We select them with care and they need to match our vision, values and inspirations. Our goal is to join forces and send a positive message through the funny and colourful drawings of Juliette, the founder of the brand.

Among our partnerships : the singers Angèle & Julien Doré, the shoe and leather work fashion brand Bocage, the Naturalia, Sephora & l’Occitane shops, the famous French museum Centre Pompidou, the S.P.A. (one of the biggest French associations for animal protection)... Unique collaborations we cherish and which give birth to new creations in limited edition, like Otter pins, tea bags shaped as Dachshunds, sandals decorated with tulips or socks covered in doggies.

We love combining our skills and the ones of our favourite brands, and we like bounding our two universes by customising products and packaging, or by creating original illustrations.

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