Dans ma culotte x Coucou Suzette

No to the menstrual protections full of over polluting chemicals destroying the planet! This is the philosophy of the brand Dans ma Culotte (“In my Panty”). At a time when we hear more and more about the dangers of disposable protections and the growing cases of toxic shocks, it was time to come up with a more respectful solution, for our bodies and for the environment.

That’s how Marie (computer engineer) and Noëlle (graphist) joined forces to create pretty underwear and reusable protections. For teenagers and women and with cool designs and colorful patterns for each flow. Having our periods is annoying enough, at least we want to feel good in our underwear!

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The two creators went even a step further by taking actions against menstrual precariousness, in particular with students.

Naturally, Coucou Suzette was very excited to partner up with Dans ma Culotte to create a cute colorful washable pad design! Light, brown, mixed, soft, hard, with or without jewelries, with manicured or bitten nails… All hands are different and beautiful in their own way. Let’s celebrate diversity!