Klin d'oeil x Coucou Suzette

One of our favorite concept-stores in ParisKlin d'œil! We dare you to go into this shop and leave with empty hands. For our part, we want to buy it all: the fashion accessories, the beautiful illustrations, the stationary, the decorations, the ceramic pieces to embellish the whole house… And once you are done with the shopping, there is a cute tea corner to have a rest and enjoy a snack.

And just like, our Klin d'œil girls are obsessed with dogs! They love them so much they made a exhibition called “Krokette”, dedicated to our beloved doggies. Fun fact: the furballs were welcomed to join the party (we let you imagine the crazy atmosphere with all these over-excited dogs).

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For the occasion, we teamed up to create a brand new pair of socks covered in teddy gods! If the snow white Poodle was already in the third part of the WOOF collector, it is now available in a beautiful brown fur on these soft cotton socks certified OEKO-TEX®️.

But be careful, it is not just any dog, we are talking about the one and only Weasley - aka Wewe - the mascot of Klin d'œil! We are in love with his cute playful face and with the bright pastel colors of this creation, in mint-green, pink-orange tones. Perfect to revive your sock drawer!